Designing the Perfect Bathroom


When you build a new home, you start completely from scratch. With Faber Homes, you even have the ability to change our floor plans based on your needs. Not a fan of sharing a sink? Make it two. Don’t like to reach down to your counters? We can raise your cabinets and countertops. You can even upgrade windows to add more natural light to your bathroom space. But what are some of the other aesthetics you should take into consideration when you schedule your preconstruction meeting and design meeting at our Claridge Decorating Centre?


Functionality. Ultimately, you need a functional floor plan depending on how many people will use the bathroom, and how often those using it will do so simultaneously. Also keep in mind, by International Residential Code, toilets must be at least 15 inches from any other bath fixture, wall or other obstacle. Always try to leave 24 inches of clear floor space in front of the shower, to ensure you have enough room to enter and exit safely. For roomier floor plans, you can always opt for taller toilets, wider doorways or even curbless showers.


Create a color palette. This might sound like an after-construction tip, but in reality, understanding what colors you’re working with will help you design the space. Keep your color palette consistent by choosing hand and bath towels in similar shades found in your wall coverings (paper or paint) and window treatments. Being too matchy-matchy will keep your bathroom looking one-dimensional. Instead of matching colors exactly, select colors that are just slightly off from one another.


Lighting. We mentioned perhaps choosing larger windows for your bathroom to bring in natural light, but if you’re a fan of even more privacy, there are ways to bring the best light in your bathroom. For example, choose diffused lighting or fixtures with frosted-glass, as this will mimic natural light best, and allow you to see yourself in the most flattering light among true colors.


Bring your ideas to preconstruction and design meetings and our experts can help you decide how to implement your ideas to create the best bathroom in your brand new home.