Upcycling Furniture


Stop! Don’t throw that old furniture away! We’re about to list off some great tips on how to rehab that old dresser and make it new and functional again – no need to go buy something new when you can recreate something totally unique and beautiful.

Convert a church pew into a 

You’ve seen them on shows like American Pickers – old giant convenience store signs make for interesting headboards. Just make sure they get a good cleaning first.

Take a drab dresser and turn it into a stylish piece of art. Here are some tips on how to incorporate chevron stripesand add a pop of color to your bedroom. Not a fan of chevron? Here are some 
tips on how to paint flowers on your dresser using wood ice cream sticks.

Turn old wood shipping palates into functional dog beds that won’t (completely) tear to shreds.

Find wrapping paper patterns that work for your space and decoupage them on your desk or dresser.

Vintage dressers might seem outdated, but have you ever thought about using one as a bathroom 

Give those drawers a makeover. Paint that old dresser and grab some house numbers and use them as the handles.

Drawers too far beyond repair? Just tear them out and try a new side table design like this one.

Barn wood door turned into headboards can be exquisite. Here’s an example that isn’t too difficult.

Here’s one of our favorites. Grab that big old dresser, give it a paintjob and behold: everyone in the family now has somewhere to store their own shoes, hats and gloves in the mudroom.

Do you have some furniture rehab favorites? Share them in the comments below. Find these ideas and even more on our Pinterest board!