Backyard Farms


You’ve probably started to notice the price of eggs has risen substantially. This is due to the Avian flu, and the worst outbreak of it in nearly 30 years. According to recent reports, about 50 million chickens and turkeys have died or have been humanely euthanized in 15 states as the virus has continued to spread.

Because of this outbreak, many families have begun turning to local farmers markets for their egg needs. If eggs are a main source of your family’s daily diet, you might consider purchasing from local farmers, or even investing in your own chicken coop!

Yes, your own chicken coop – we’re serious! Backyard farms have been growing in popularity, as many families now see the benefits of eating organic, non-GMO foods. Backyard chicken coops are becoming more popular, and they are allowed in 
most areas of Rochester. Check with your town on regulations and restrictions.

A little about backyard chickens:
· They’re easy and inexpensive to maintain (compared to most in-home pets)
· They manufacture the world’s best fertilizer
· Fresh, delicious and nutritious eggs provided six days per week (hens take one rest day - can you blame them?)
· Fun and friendly pets with a personality (truth!)

What you’ll need for the coop:
· 2-3 square feet per chicken and 4-5 square feet of running space per chicken outside the coop
· Pine shavings and corn cob bedding
· 90-100 degrees for chicks, decreasing by 5 degrees each week after
· Food, water, and treats like veggies, bread, and bugs
· Playtime

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