Kitchen Organization


It’s easy to have your kitchen cabinets get out of control. Each week you’re probably going grocery shopping and adding more to the mix, then the husband goes looking for something (or the kids do), and your organization method has gone out the window. Fool-proof that cabinet with some of these tips.


Grab and go sacks are a lot easier when you prepare them in advance. This way, you have less little hands grabbing handfuls of pretzels, fruit snacks, or crackers. Find see-through baskets with handles and organize smaller items like snacks, dinner sides, pasta and sauces. Label the containers if you’re able, so there will be no excuses (less excuses?) for lack of organization.


Many organizers often forget about useable space on the pantry door. Utilize that space to store canned goods, soda and more. You’ll be surprised how much extra room you’ll have in the pantry, and how much easier it will be to take inventory of what canned goods you have on hand.


Boxes upon boxes of pasta, candies, and baking goods. It seems the supply never ends, until you go to make something for dinner and realize you’ve run out. Use glass containers to store and display dried goods and keep track of what you have and what you need to buy on your next grocery run.


You can easily double your cabinet space by investing in hanging, attachable under-the-shelf racks. Store dinnerware, smaller boxes, napkins, or even utensils.


Pots and pans and their corresponding lids never fit well in any cabinet it seems. Invest in lid organizers that either sit in the bottom of a cabinet space or attach to the inside of the cabinet door. Save even more space by finding unique ways to hang pots and pans, such as above a large window or from an island light fixture.


Use small curtain rods to hang bottles of cleaning supplies below the sink. You’ll save room for other items, and have a better idea of what supplies you have and what you need to buy the next time you’re out.