New Kitchen Color Schemes


Whether it’s time for a kitchen overhaul or you’re in the process of designing your new kitchen with Faber Homes, there are so many options to choose from. We’ve pulled a list of popular color schemes from the DIY Network to help get the brainstorming going.


Reclaimed wood with ruby-red metal. In this design, you’re combining a farmhouse wooded look with industrial metals. Pick a mixed-tone oak wood floor and pair it with stainless steel countertops or backsplashes. The contrast can be built into other areas of the kitchen space as well – consider a large refurbished wood kitchen table with red metal chairs and red metal table accents.


Grey-blue cabinetry is gaining popularity everywhere as a new color to consider over traditional woods, or even white or black. This design technique opens up a new color wheel of options for your new kitchen. Toss up stainless steel hardware and bold backsplash tiles for a completely new look.


If you’re a fan of modern but still want to keep it simple, stick with a white, black and stainless steel base and add a vibrant pop of a single color like tangerine, yellow, or lime green.  Pick out one wall to paint that color, find matching seats, light fixtures or dinnerware to pull the same color in and your modern kitchen will come to life. You can even find some quartz countertops in these vibrant, fun colors.


Red. It’s welcoming, warm, and lively all at the same time. Paint your walls red, pick out dark wood or grey cabinetry and either stainless steel countertops or opt for a light woodblock look. It’s country mixed with modern, and will have you inspired to add a little more spice to your meals.


Our last suggestion is a color blend you may normally find in a bedroom or bathroom. Purples like lavender or lilac make for a soothing palette perfect for romantic meals or tea parties with friends or children. Pick a very light grey-purple color for your walls, and pair dark wood cabinets with crystal, glass, and creams for your new kitchen.


Which color scheme will you choose?