Maximize the Use of Your Dining Room


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a room in your new home where technology was non-existent and your family could just sit, talk and enjoy a home-cooked meal? A room like this does exist! However, many modern, open floor plans have made it a thing of the past. But the dining room is one feature in our new homes that we hold dear to our hearts!

Formal dining rooms may seem old-fashioned in this era of open floor plans and eat-in kitchens, but we adore this room for a variety of reasons. One particular reason we love dining rooms is that it’s the one space in the home where families can celebrate holidays, special occasions, or even just every day, with no distractions. Many homeowners chose to turn their dining room into an extra bedroom, lounge or playroom, and that’s ok if it fits the needs of your family. Our Faber Builders team takes a different approach to the glorious room, and we love when our clients choose to make the dining room an integral part of their home. Here are just a few reasons why the dining room is not extinct:  

Make Meals Special Again

A true family meal is not spent standing around the kitchen island watching television. Family and guests tend to be more mindful of their manners and more likely to engage when seated around an elegant table as opposed to plates scattered on the coffee table. And, it’s a time to connect and unwind from a hectic day

A design tip for the dining room table is to choose a round table, which fits more people, makes the room look and feel larger, and encourages conversation among the group.

Forget the Mess in the Kitchen  

Pots and pans, littered cutting boards, herbs and spices scattered on the countertops; it’s no surprise that the kitchen is a mess after cooking a meal. The dining room is a retreat for both the family, guests and the cook! No one expects the kitchen to be clean immediately after preparing a meal – unless you plan to eat your dinner cold – and moving into the dining room allows the mess to be out of sight and out of mind for the moment.

Fine China

All of us have memories of visiting our grandparents’ house where elegant dishes and distinct china is displayed on the wall or in closed glass cases. While porcelain and crystal clutter is not in style, displaying only a few special pieces will give the room a cleaner and more modern feel. This is the one room where you can use your most treasured dishes and feel good about it!

The dining room is still important in a new home. Every family needs a secluded area where family and friends can focus on meals and conversations. Dining is about more than food; it’s an entire experience that makes your guests see beautiful things and not just taste delicious food.

Our Faber Builders team was built on family values and we love to keep those family traditions alive. We also care about our neighbors and want to have a place dedicated in a new home where neighbors can join together and enjoy one another’s company. If you’re looking for a new home in Rochester, NY, give us a call at 585-889-4840 or visit