Sharing is Caring at Faber Builders

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At Faber Builders, we strive to design new homes in Rochester that reflect your lifestyle and are affordable and well-built. We have tons of happy homeowners who share their amazing homebuilding experiences with friends, but not all of them know about our referral program that could give them more money in their pocket. If you have a story to tell and experience to share, we have the perfect program for you!

Our referral program was created to reward the great homeowners who live in our Rochester new homes and communities. Our program gives you the opportune chance to tell your friends and family about Faber Builders and our unique homes and floor plans–and you can get rewarded for it! If someone you refer purchases a Faber home, you can have a check sent to you.* This is a win-win situation for all parties involved; you get free money and your friend or family member gets a quality new home in Rochester from a builder you know and trust.

Here is the simple way our referral program works:

  • You, or your referral, will contact our Sales Representative and notify them of the referral. 
  • The referral must then enter into a contract, remove contingencies, have the home built and close, all without using a Realtor during the process.
  • Upon closing, the referral is submitted to the accounting department, approved and a check is sent to you, the referrer.*

It really is that easy! When you have a good experience, receive a helpful and courteous service or buy a quality product, you want to share it with your friends and family; why not get paid for it? Ask any marketer, and they will swear by the power of word-of-mouth promotion. It doesn’t matter how many tactics you use, the word-of-mouth method will always be the best. People trust the messenger, and in this case, you know first-hand what it’s like to work with the Faber Builders team from start to finish. Nothing speaks stronger than a first-hand, personal recommendation. We recognize the power you have, as one of our homeowners, to influence your family and friends, and that’s why we are thanking you for doing so!

If you need some material to help support your claim, our website is full of information and resources for new home buyers. It’s a great place for your friends to start if they are just beginning their Rochester new home search and it’s an excellent reference to your experience. You can even refer them to our testimonials page, where several others have great stories just like you! 

If you recently built a home in a Faber community, we’re excited about sharing your experience with future homeowners. Click here to submit your story for the world to hear!

This referral program is only one simple way to say thank you to our loyal customers. For more information about the referral program and to refer a friend, visit our website at

*The referral is not paid until closing of the referred customer’s Faber home. The new customer must be recorded on an official referral form prior to the new customer registering a any Faber Builders, Inc. model prior to the contract. The new customer will not be a qualified referral if they registered with a real estate agent at Faber Builders, Inc. or are accompanied by a real estate agent requesting compensation. All previously written contracts do not qualify for the referral program.