Why Buy New with Faber Builders?


Buying a home is an exciting process with lots of choices to make along the way. Not only do you have to determine the location of your home, but also the type of product and the price point.  Once you have nailed those answers, the next question is new versus resale. What can a new home by Faber Builders offer buyers that a resale home cannot? Below are the answers!

Avoid the Stress and Disappointment of Bidding

If you have ever put in an offer on a resale home, you have experienced the stress while you wait to see if your offer is accepted and the disappointment that follows if you are outbid. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found in a 2018 survey that 27 percent of respondents are unable to buy a home after a three month (or longer) search due to continually being outbid after making an offer. By purchasing a new home from Faber Builders, the stress and disappointment of bidding is eliminated and buyers can choose from among our many spacious homesites in prime locations.

Personalization: We Offer More than Customization

With a new Faber Builders home, you get to personalize your home. This includes options to select cabinets, countertops, flooring and more. Research tells us that 62 percent of people who own a home sell every 11 years on average and that 36 percent of active home searchers are unable to find a home with the features they want. Needs change over time and you should not be rushed into making a decision, especially on a resale home. Our team actively participates in consultative selling. Our approach is characterized by understanding what our buyer needs and offering solutions and customizations to our new home floor plans.

Brand New Warranty

Every aspect of our new homes, from the foundation to the framing reflects the latest in new-home construction and design trends. New construction homes offer buyer’s years of peace-of-mind. For our buyers, the included warranty demonstrates that they are purchasing from a reputable builder who will stand behind the home and its components. When you purchase a resale home, a home inspection may not reveal a repair that will become necessary a year or two down the road. “A home is the largest investment most of us will ever make,” says President of Faber Builder, Bernie Iacovangelo. “We want our customers to feel great about making that investment with us.”


New construction homes include safety features that may not be present in homes built 20 years ago, including state-of-the-art circuit breakers, electric garage door infrared beam safety sensors, fire retardant carpet and insulation, hard-wired smoke detectors and cabinets and carpets and paints with fewer volatile organic compounds, so that you and your family can breathe easier. Consumer safety issues are continually addressed in building code regulations, so homes built to today’s building codes will be safer than older homes. Our new home meets the stringent energy standards and codes of Rochester that were not in place in the past.

From ultimate personalization to the safety of your home and family, Faber Builders has built a reputation in the Rochester area for providing the many advantages that new homes have to offer. We strive to build quality new homes that exceed our buyer’s expectations in terms of design, affordability and customization. For more information on new construction homes built by Faber Builders, visit www.faberbuilders.com.