Bringing Families Together in the Living Room


How often do you have the opportunity to sit down and spend quality time with your family? With the hustle and bustle of life, we aim to say it’s few and far between. When you do have time to spend together, you want to be in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

When our team designs a living room, we strive to create a space where families can gather and enjoy their home together. A great living room will draw people in, keep them there, and leave them happier than before. Our new homes in Rochester offer intangible qualities that distinguish a great living room from the rest. Here are a few ideas behind our impeccable designs:

A seating arrangement that encourages conversation and sparks stories.

We like designs that make the living room feel like the heart of a room. In our decorated McMillion model, we have a strategically placed sofa, loveseat and chair angled just right so that the family can be the center of attention, not the items surrounding them. A comfortable environment and setting make people at ease and they feel like they can open up and talk about anything.

Include the perfect structure for décor, with a healthy dose of free space.

Each family is different and requires a unique setting in the living room to feel “at home.” Our home designs make it easy to decorate to your liking with room for art, furniture and décor but also enough space to rest your eyes and relax. Whether you want a formal sitting space or a casual room perfect for movie marathons, the spacious living rooms in our homes make it possible.  

It feels cozy, natural and welcoming.

In the living room, each piece of furniture serves a function, even if that function is just being something you love. Families often bond over treasured items and a great living room will feel like family. Each of your personalities and likes will be proudly displayed throughout the room. 

It evolves and grows with the family.

A living room should be ever-changing so that it never gets stagnant. As technology, likes and interests change, and families grow as children age, surely will the living room. Vignettes will change, colors will be updated and new styles will be explored regularly. carried out an extensive online study of 1,000 house hunters to see which rooms and interior features are important to your home’s design. The research found that potential buyers spend more time looking at the living room than any other room! We know the importance of a living room and that’s why we put great thought into the design of each and every floor plan we create. Visit us online at to see our wide range of floor plans, then plan to visit our model home to see our living rooms in person!