Buying New with Faber is Affordable and Attainable

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In today’s rebounding market, when resale properties are being claimed as soon as they are listed and new home construction is popping up on every other corner, deciding which is best for you can be a challenge. People considering previously owned homes often pursue resale because they think it is cheaper and easier. But with building practices having become more streamlined, building a new home can cost the same or even less than buying an existing home.  Cost isn’t the only reason to build, though. There are other benefits of working with a builder on a brand-new home.

When a family purchases an existing home, they usually do so with plans to update the home, either with minor cosmetic changes or with major structural enhancements. A new home allows the buyer more control over the layout and interior style. New home buyers get to choose countertops, cabinets, flooring and optional upgrades to ensure that the home matches their exact style and preferences. Our new homes at Faber Builders have flexibility built in so that buyers can choose a floor plan that suits their needs. From day one, every aspect is personalized, as our buyers are encouraged to make any changes they want to our floor plans.

Buyers must also consider the long-term cost of maintenance, regardless of what kind of home they choose. Resale properties have experienced normal wear and tear of residential life, which means they may require big-ticket maintenance items depending on the age, whereas new homes are years away from requiring any major maintenance or replacement.  Plus, we offer a great warranty package!

Not only are our new homes affordable, they’re attainable. The limited supply of entry-level homes has had the effect of causing the prices for starter homes to increase. But even with lower supply and higher prices, first-time buyers are still managing to become homeowners. At Faber Builders, our home plans quickly adjust to accommodate buyer profiles. We offer spacious square footage, proximity and convenience to hot spots, and our prices are still within budget for nearly every buyer.

Rather than competing with other buyers for resale properties, buyers who build don’t compete with anyone. While it does take time to build a home, choosing a floor plan and interior features are worth the wait. Experience building a new affordable home with Faber Builders by visiting our website or calling a sales constant today at 585-889-4840 for more information.