Bring on the Bolds! How to Use 2018’s Color of the Year in Your Home

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Do you need help revamping your home’s interior? At Faber Builders, we’ve got you covered by highlighting various color trends for 2018. Each year, paint manufactures name a color of the year that they feel will best represent the upcoming year. Color sets the tone for the way a home is decorated, and in our McMillon model in Queens Park, we incorporate some extravagant colors to help influence how guests will feel when they enter each room. Here are some of our tips on using top colors for 2018.

Create a Palette Using Accent Colors

An easy way to brighten any space with a mystifying color like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, is to use accent pieces with a pop of color and pair them with neutrals such as gray, beige, or white. By using neutrals with a vibrant color like Ultra Violet, it creates a balance that is pleasing to the eye and not overwhelming or in-your-face. Accent colors can be used through art, decor, textiles, or even furniture. A well-defined accent color can create a cohesive and tasteful space with life and excitement.

Use Your Wall Space

Pantone describes Ultra Violet to be complex or contemplative and leading to creativity and mindfulness. Using paint in this enigmatic purple is sure to add mysterious yet calming vibes within your home. Just like accent pieces, accent walls are a similar way to add dimension throughout a room without it being overpowering when balanced with neutrals. Let one wall be the star of the show by embodying creativity and relaxation!

Behr’s first-ever Color of the Year, In the Moment, is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green. The color simply speaks to our souls about relaxation and taking a break from everyday life. It is also said to reduce stress and increase the moments of joy in our lives.

These colors are ideal for the living room, or you can create a spa-like experience by bringing it into the bathroom. Paring well with other subdued colors, this neutral blue can take on a different tone depending on those other accent colors. Pair it with light trim and light décor, and the room will feel airy and calm. Pair the blue with a mostly dark room and you’ll find it feels formal and distinguished. This is also a great color to use on the exterior of the home, but it’s mostly seen in southern states.

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