Fall Home Design Ideas

This year, the first of September felt as if it had ushered in fall, with cooler weather and shorter days, even if the season doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks. Until then, we can prepare for the coming cooler weather and changing colors by taking a look at fall design ideas for your new home. If you’re looking to imbue your new space with a touch of warmth inspired by fall trends, here are three design ideas to consider.


Bright Colors

While fall might bring to mind deep, rich reds and browns, the surprisingly bright yellow leaf in a sea of brown leaves or a sharp blue sky on a brisk morning also sets the tone. A bold color, used sparingly, can similarly liven up your new home. In our McMillon Model Home, we chose to use a bright yellow to accent the kitchen.


Multiple Textures

As fall sets in, minimalist sleek whites may feel a little out of place. Mixing and matching textures and finishes can add warmth and character to your home instead. For fall, try plaid throws or leather accents. Also, don’t be afraid to coordinate two types of metals or wood finishes. A little variety, in the right places, will look perfect in your new home.



Organic and Natural Shapes

Your new home will be beautifully designed with perfect, straight walls, cupboards, counter-tops, and floors. Compliment the architectural elements of your home with some more organic shapes. For a simple, fall related option, consider decorating with gourds, wheat, or other natural plants that are available this time of year. Raw wood or stone accents are also a great design choice, no matter the season.


As we look toward the coming few months, it’s easy to catch the fall decorating bug. With a few simple changes, like a new plaid throw or bright orange gourds on the dining room table, you can bring a little of what makes fall such a special season right into your home. Of course, don’t forget to light a pumpkin spice candle – or better yet, bake a fresh pumpkin pie in the oven – to complete the perfect fall evening in your new home!