It's Time to Take Advantage of the Lowest Mortgage Rates in Years


If you are waiting for the right time, financially, to start building your new home, wait no longer. With mortgage rates falling lower every day, now has become the best time ever to lock in a mortgage and move into the new home of your dreams.


With the mortgage rate norm that’s hovered around 8% for decades becoming an ever-growing distant average, you just might be surprised at how good rates are today. In fact, rates between 3.00 and 4.90% are a reality for over 60% of mortgage holders. Some, like Barry Habib, are predicting the rates will even fall below the brief, historic lows of 2012, which fell to 3.36%, and are within arm's reach right now. 


The Washington Post reported that Daryl Fairweather, of Redfin, says, "This is great news for buyers since lower mortgage rates make buying much more affordable. Home prices have gone up just three to four percent in the past year, which in combination with low rates increases affordability."


So, why wait? With amazing rates making mortgages more affordable than ever, it just might be the perfect time to start building your new home. Our knowledgeable sales personnel are happy to discuss mortgage rates, our preferred lenders, and the incredible value of our new homes with you any day of the week. Just contact us to get the process started before this golden opportunity starts to disappear.