Just One Quick Delivery Home Left - 66 Lianne Drive

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With just one Quick Delivery Home left to close out the community, now is the time to schedule a tour of 66 Lianne Dr and secure your brand-new home in Creek House Village! This final home in a premier community in Greece, New York, is minutes away from restaurants and shopping centers, two country clubs, and the Greece Canal Park. The home itself is our 1,487 square foot Marcell plan, priced at $194,900.

Fall Home Design Ideas

This year, the first of September felt as if it had ushered in fall, even if the season doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks. Until then, we can prepare for the coming cooler weather and changing colors by taking a look at fall design ideas for your new home. If you’re looking to imbue your new space with a touch of warmth inspired by fall trends, here are three design ideas to consider.

Faber Featured Home Plan: The Ascot

Looking for a home that offers three bedrooms and two and a half baths with a compact design and an economical price-tag? The Ascot was created with your needs in mind! Offered at our Rose Hill Estates and Queens Park communities, this home plan features 1,617 square feet of beautiful, open living space with a starting price at $239,900.

New Home Energy Efficiency

When it comes to variety in weather, Rochester, New York, sees it all. From hot and humid ninety-degree days in the summer to windy subzero temps in the winter, Rochester homes need to be concerned with energy efficiency, no matter the season. Older homes tend to be drafty in the winter and leave much to be desired in keeping the house cool in the summer as well. When energy efficiency and economic savings are on your mind during the home buying process, building a new home might be a better option for you.

Rush-Henrietta Schools Rank High for Queens Park Residents

With over half of summer having already slipped by and as little as three weeks before the start of the next school year, it’s that time of year when “school” starts to find its way back into most families’ conversation again. If the West side of the Rochester Area is the place you are looking to call home, and good schools are a big factor on your mind, Faber Builders is happy to point you to our communities near some of the best schools in the area. For instance, our Queens Park community is within the Rush-Henrietta School District, which has been ranked as the 11th Best School District in the Rochester Area, according to Niche.com. It excels in academics, dedicated teachers, and preparing students to succeed in college after graduation. Rush Henrietta ranks 13th in New York State as one of the best districts for student athletes as well.

Quick Delivery Home at 58 Lianne Dr

If you are looking for all the benefits of buying a new home, but can’t wait to have your own built from the ground up – why not buy a Faber Quick Delivery Home? Built with the same attention to detail of one of our semi-custom builds, our Quick Delivery Homes are the perfect choice for home buyers that need to move sooner, rather than later! One of our current Quick Delivery Homes is located at 58 Lianne Dr, in Greece, NY. As one of only two homes left to buy in the well-established Creek House Village community, this Medway Plan home is bound to sell fast. Selling for $219,900, this three bedroom, two and a half bath home is 1,811 square feet of comfortable family living.

A Roadmap to Homebuilding Success

Deciding to build your next home is a big decision that may feel like a daunting task with lots unknowns to encounter along the way. Between looking for the right builders and deciding where you’d like to live, to choosing the best floorplan and features for your family, you may find yourself wishing homebuilding came with a roadmap. Here at Faber Builders, Inc., we pride ourselves in being able to make the homebuilding process as smooth and straight-forward as possible. With knowledgeable professionals to guide you along each step of the way, building a new home with Faber feels a little bit more like having a roadmap through the homebuying process. If you’re looking for more information detailing the whole process before you take that first step yourself, here are ten stops you can plan on taking along the way.

Quick Delivery Home at 3 Flinton Run

If you are looking for all the benefits of buying a new home, but can’t wait to have your own built from the ground up – why not buy a Faber Quick Delivery Home? Built with all the detail and care of one of our semi-custom builds, our Quick Delivery Homes are the perfect choice for new home buyers that need to move now!

Moving Checklist

Moving can feel overwhelming at first, but the good news is, you don't have to pack and sort everything the week that you move. As your new home is being constructed, you will want to start preparing for your move ahead of time - even if it is over a month away! This will help keep you more organized and less stressed as that closing date approaches and the moving date is set. To get started planning for your move, take a look at our Moving Checklist below. With a little planning ahead and pre-packing non-essentials, moving into your brand new home can be stress-free!

Featured Plan: Bellwoode

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As summer is officially in full swing, with long sunny days and children out of school, could there be a more perfect time to get ready to build a brand-new home? Here at Faber Builders, we offer semi-custom home plans with a variety of options to suit all our clients’ needs. For those looking for the convenience of single-level living, finding a home plan that is both an economical use of space AND has plenty of room for hosting friends and family can sometimes be a challenge. When this dilemma arises for our clients, some of them decide to build our Bellwoode plan – a 1,645 sq. ft. ranch that boasts an open and flexible floorplan

Five Garden Flowers That Are Safe For Dogs

Now that summer has burst upon the scene, you may be considering planting some flowers around your new home to make your yard bright and colorful. Whether you have a prolific green thumb or are just looking to add a couple small areas of perennials to your yard, a little bit of careful planning can make your flower beds bloom successfully and turn your yard into a beautiful, outdoor retreat in the summertime. While many gardeners make sure to pay attention to the sunlight and watering recommendations on the back of the plant tag to ensure growing success, one further guide should be checked if you have a dog at home. Unless you will be planting flowers in a part of your yard that will be cordoned off from your dog, it is best to make plant choices that will be non-toxic for your pet. While there are lots of flowers you can safely plant around your yard and still keep your dog safe, here five of our favorites that will do well in Rochester’s climate.

Building Vs. Buying - What's Right for You?

As you begin looking at housing options it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options. Where would you like to live? What is your budget? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors does your house need to have? Another big question you will probably find yourself faced with, when looking to move, is whether you should build a new home or buy a preexisting one. The answer will affect how you make your decisions going forward, so it might be one of the very first questions you have to answer. While building a new home may sound like a daunting task, don’t be too quick to make the decision not to build. Below are five reasons building a new home might be right for you:

Our Top Three Reasons We Love Chili NY

Located just southwest of the City of Rochester lies the Town of Chili – a modest community of about 28,000 residences that’s home to a wide range of people that are proud to call Chili their home. Pronounced with a long “i” sound (like wi-fi), Chili is a family-friendly town where you’ll find residents with one hand around their cup of locally-brewed coffee and the other warmly shaking your hand. Here’s our top three reasons we think Chili, NY, is the perfect town to live in:

Want More Space to Grow?

Looking to buy a new house that gives your family the most space to grow? Why not enjoy 600 square feet of finished basement space in your new home! When you buy a new home in Queens Park or Rose Hill Estates by June 28th, 2019, you’ll receive just that.* We know that our buyers value space where they can spend time with their families in their new homes, and this extra finished space is the perfect place to make more memories with those you love, right here in a community in Rochester.

Enlarge Your Home with Outdoor Living Spaces

With spring in the air, now is a great time to plan for livable, loveable outdoor spaces that will expand your living spaces and extend the time you can spend outside. Here are a few ideas that won’t require a great deal of time, talent or money but will make your Rochester backyard the envy of your neighbors.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy Near Queens Park

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With the weather getting warmer and summer right around the corner, it’s time to get outside and soak up the sun! Queens Park is a quiet community that offers luxury and convenience to each of its homeowners, but another aspect that makes this community desirable is its access to so many great parks and outdoor activities!

Spring into Action with a New Rochester Home

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Springtime is upon us; flowers are blooming and we’re finally seeing days of sunshine on end! To celebrate the arrival of this sunny season, we invite you to Spring into Action with us at Faber Builders.