Away for the Holidays


 The holidays are busy times with many parties to go to, family members to see and even some vacations during the break. If you’re planning to leave your home for any longer than a day, here are some tips to make sure you come home to the same beautiful abode you left:


Set your heat between 50 and 60 degrees. This will help keep the house warm and protect your pipes.


Use random-access timers for lights to make it seem as if you are home. Try to avoid automated lamps, as these are more likely to cause a fire.


Lower the temperature in your water tank to reduce electricity running to warm it, and shut off water supply to toilets and any upstairs water supplies. This will help in the event a pipe bursts – no one wants a flood, especially a second-floor flood.


Unplug all unnecessary electronics like televisions and computers, as well as some kitchen appliances like coffee makers and microwaves. They will continue to drain energy even if you’re not using them.


Canceling newspaper and mail services can help elevate overloaded mailboxes – which also hint to your absence.


Give your neighbor access to your home and make sure they have contact information for where you’ll be staying. They can alert you if something has happened, or can easily check in on your home to make sure all is well.



As always – Faber wishes you and your family a safe and happy Holiday!