Spring Home Preparation


It was a rough winter—let’s face it. As Western New Yorkers, we’re accustomed to the bitter cold and consistent piling up of snow. Many of us enjoy it, and for those of us who don’t, we do our best to tolerate it. We plan for the season’s arrival each year, but we often cannot predict when the season will change over—after all, Groundhog’s Day is kind of a joke, right?


Not knowing when the beautiful spring season will arrive can leave our wardrobes and our homes a bit vulnerable. While we can’t help you with the wardrobe conundrum, we can give some guidance as to how to prepare your home for spring after a particularly nasty winter. 


  1. Get up there and inspect your roof. Check for loose or warped shingles and make sure your gutters are all in place and unclogged. Remember – April(ish) showers bring May(ish) flowers, so you’ll want to make sure your home is protected.
  2. Clear debris away from drains outside. Again, with the rain on your doorstep, you’ll want to be sure there’s proper flow away from your home.
  3. Check your window and door seals. These can really take a beating over the winter, so examine the exterior caulking on all seals to be sure they’re still watertight.
  4. Patch up cracks. You’d be surprised how damaging ice and snow can be, especially on your driveway and sidewalks (and if you hire a plow service). Patching up cracks will prevent further separation and will also keep water out.
  5. Check your home’s grading. With snowdrifts, uneven snow melting and other elements, your yard may not be sloped properly, and could therefore put your foundation at risk. Roll out your lawn if need be, to prevent sitting water.


Don’t wait too long to inspect your home’s condition. Do you have any other tips to share on prepping your home for the spring season?