Garage Cleanup


They tend to become a catch-all in our homes for our miscellaneous items. No, not the basement, we’re talking about the garage. Does your garage need an overhaul? Here are some tips to help you reclaim your garage space and restore functionality. 


  1. Set aside time.It’s hard to find time for daunting tasks (especially those that likely contain dirt and bugs). If you can find a weekend to dedicate to the task, you’ll thank yourself in the weeks and months to come. Aim for a dry weekend and allow yourself the garage space and driveway to sort all of your items.


  1. Group and label.Sorting in the following categories will help you see what can be stored elsewhere in your home: recycling, sports, automotive, seasonal décor, gardening gear, tools, and other equipment.


  1. Dump or donate.If you haven’t used it in a year (discounting holiday items), you probably don’t need it taking up space in your home or your garage. Unsalvageable items can find a new home in a dumpster, while surplus items can be donated to a charity. Give AMVETSa call if you have a load ready to be picked up, or research other charitable organizations in need.


  1. Determine a layout.Designate areas in your garage for certain functions. One area should be devoted to recreation, another to lawn maintenance, perhaps another for tools. Seasonal items stored in bins should be stored above everyday items on shelves so they are visible yet out of the way.


  1. Storage storage storage.Invest in shelving and containers that allow you to label and see the contents within. Oftentimes, we purchase new items to replace those we think we’ve lost or misplaced. Being able to see your entire inventory will prevent such purchases. If you can hang it, hang it and keep it off the ground where it will collect dust and likely become part of a pile.


Don’t forget to keep your garage clean. A tidy garage that is swept monthly will aid in preventing unwanted clutter from gathering. Do you have other tips to share on keeping your garage clean? Share them in the comments here!