Party-Ready Kitchens


It’s where you cook meals and gather with family and friends. Especially in open-concept layouts like those you’ll find in every Faber home, kitchens can be designed with entertainment in mind. So where do you start when designing the space?


Islands and peninsulas not only create approachable areas for gathering, they also provide additional counter space and storage space. Toss a few bar stools on one side and you have a space perfect for simultaneous food prep and conversation. This allows you the space to cook and clean up while still entertaining your guests.


Tall cabinets offer lots of storage for entertaining. It’s a pain to walk to different areas of the house to retrieve platters, trays and other serving essentials. Ample cabinet space will keep everything within grasp, which is not only convenient for your party, but for cleanup afterwards.


Organizing the contents of your kitchen will also assist in hosting the perfect party. Designate areas each for food prep, cleaning and storage, and cooking. Having enough space between cabinets and tables/counter spaces will ensure easy traffic flow (because there’s nothing worse than people running into you when you’re pulling a hot pan out of the oven!).


The big game is on and you just can’t stand to miss it, yet the television is in the living room out of sight. Never fear: install a hanging television or a unit that pop up from underneath your countertop. Not only will this keep your mind at ease while everyone else gets to enjoy the occasion, but it will encourage company while you cook and dine.


If you don’t have a particularly large kitchen space, that’s still OK. Building “garages” for your appliances can free up much needed counter space. Have a clunky knife block? Why not install a drop-in knife block that becomes part of your counter. Not using your range or sink? Design countertops a couple inches higher so you can slide in a custom-fit chopping block. Workspaces can be created anywhere. Turn long drawers into pull-out counter surfaces that are perfect for buffets.


Have a unique need for your kitchen? Just ask our experienced design professionals in the Claridge Design Centre. Faber Homes will work with you to design your perfect kitchen space and get you ready to entertain.