Winter Design Trends


Is there a room in your house that's screaming for a makeover? This winter, there are a few surprising colors that are trending - so perhaps consider trying one of these color schemes for your next redesign.


Tangerine. Yep – tangerine! Try starting with an accent wall if you’re afraid it’s a little too bold. The happy, rich shade will certainly brighten the room and pair well with dark hues like blue-greens or indigo. Toss some other orange accents around the room (vases, wall mounted frames, chairs, etc.) and you’ll find yourself gravitating to the room due to its cheerfulness! 


Mustard Yellow. Known for its positive emotional and psychological responses, yellow is a perfect smile-inducing color to add to any room. Pair yellows with blacks, greys, and whites for a classic look, or with jewel tones like burgundy or teal for a more modern, fun look.


Burgundy. In sharp contrast to mustard yellow and tangerine, burgundy and cranberry are some of winter’s hottest colors. Mixing cranberry metallic gold and silver pairs shine with a deep, warm color, or you could pair it with mochas or golden browns for a more rustic look. Bust out the old burgundy leather chair and toss up a neutral wallpaper accent wall and you’ll be in business.


Gold. Gold isn’t just for accents anymore! Using gold as the base color for your next room, it will become your new neutral. It’s fun, classic, and pairs well with nearly any accent color scheme. Try grays and blues for a cleaner more masculine look, for opt for red and be a little more dramatic.


Grape. HGTV selected grape as December’s color of the month a few years back, and it’s making its rounds again this winter. Use it in smaller doses alongside various shades of gray, or pair it with light blues and metallic for a classic-chic winter look.


Which palette will you try in your next design?