Make the Most of Claridge


It can all seem a little overwhelming: cabinet colors, cabinet height and arrangement, countertop options, flooring, hardware… The options are endless! So how can you make the most of your trip to the Claridge Decorating Centre? Faber Homes is here to help.

When working with Faber Homes to create your dream home, keep in mind that you must pick each and every odd and end in your home. Before heading to Claridge, know where your furniture will be placed and where your outlets are, so when you plan your kitchen and bathrooms, you know where you’ll need to plug everything in.

Here are few quick and easy steps to take before heading to your meeting:

Know what Claridge offers. Once you enter the Claridge Decorating Centre, you’ll notice a plethora of choices right off the bat, and the room seems to never end. It’s likely we’ve got it all, but if you’d like to come in and see our selection – please schedule a time with your sales representative.

Have a “top three” of the following:

  • Kitchen cabinets (color and style)
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Flooring (you’ll pick for your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and all carpeted areas)

You’ll be presented with fabulous builder’s standard options, sure to fit any family’s needs, and a wide range of upgrade. Know your upgrade budget, and which items would constitute as an upgrade to your base floor plan such as:

  • Adding another bathroom sink
  • Raising the height of your countertops
  • Adding six inches to the height of your cabinets, or adding crown molding
  • Laminate or hardwood flooring

Always remember – you are building your home for your family’s needs. Certain types of flooring and cabinets might not be the best fit if you have kids or pets, so talk to your sales representative or anyone at Claridge about your wants and needs. They’ll help you find a balance.

Do a little research. Remember, Faber Homes’ floor plans are created to be open, so while you may have different themes for each room, make sure to have an idea of how the designs will transition. Websites like Houzz, HGTV, and DIY can help you get inspired and build your perfect rooms. Bring in photos and printouts of what you you’re dreaming up, and even some photos of your furniture to help tie it all together.

Most importantly – have fun! This is the most creative part of your home building process – so enjoy it!