Winter Wonderland Designs


We may not particularly like the cold temperatures, shoveling snow, and bundling up (okay, so maybe “hate” is a better word) – but you have to admit, wintertime can be so beautiful. If you’re a fan of cozying up from November to April, here are some design ideas for your home to make the most of the season.


DIY Sweater Pillows. They may sound silly, but in the right room, they’re perfect. Check out these chic, preppy pillows from HGTV. All you need are unused sweaters or flannel shirts, an old pillow, and a needle and thread. Super easy.


Metallic Paint. Metallic is one of this year’s most popular color schemes, and happens to replicate ice quite well. Some are even taking it to the extreme with metallic accent walls. If that’s a little too bold for your taste, we’d recommend picking up metallic silver curtains, perhaps metallic lampshades or even metallic wall decorations. The hints silver will remind you of the season while still remaining appropriate for all seasons.


Fluffy Stuff. Who doesn’t love a fluffy accent pillow or cozy throw blanket? Choose colors like light grey, white, and light blue to bring the colors of winter inside. We wouldn’t blame you if you felt obligated to sit by the fire with some hot chocolate.


Crystal. Need we say more? Grab some faux crystal candle sticks or shelf accents and watch them reflect the sunlight, just like those beautiful icicles do. Pair them with white, silver, or blue candles and you’re good to go.


Distressed Furniture. If you’re a fan of thrift stores and antique stores, this will be a fun project for you. Grab a coffee table, side table, or even a smaller dresser and turn it into a distressed piece that will bring your entire winter-inspired room together. Keep it light blue or off white, and it will remind you of that first beautiful dusting of snow.