Your Outdoor Space


School is out, sun is out – it is summer time and the cooler is stocked and the grill is always hot. Is your outdoor living space ready to entertain?


Whether you have a deck or a patio, or just a fabulous green backyard space, there are a ton of ways to decorate and accessorize. Here are a couple ideas to get you started:


Grab an outdoor rug and think outside of big-box retailers. Outdoor rugs add color and can completely define or refine the space. While big shops like Target and Lowes are convenient and their inside displays are stunning – check out or for deals. These online retailers have much larger, one-of-a-kind inventories and often offer free shipping.


Patio sets with enormous umbrellas are always popular, but if you’ll use your outdoor space more for conversation, you may consider furniture that will make the space more like a living room. Check garage sales and consignment shops for comfortable chairs and large tables that sit low to the ground.


A common problem with outdoor spaces is lighting. You’d like to be able to enjoy your space once the sun goes down, but not at the expense of being able to see your guests. Instead of floodlights, which are effective but not decorative, try up-lighting trees and shrubs. As another more romantic option, use outdoor lights to light up a pergola.


Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to outdoor spaces.