Keeping Deer Away


If you live anywhere near wooded areas, chances are you’ve seen deer out and about – no matter the season. They’re an annoyance in the winter when they run across the road in front of your car, and they’re a menace in the spring and summer when you’re trying to landscape your property. Before you invest hours of effort into your outdoor abode, there are a few precautions you can take to keep Bambi and his friends away.


Did you know deer can’t stand the smell of humans? We’re not sure why, but we do know that if you sprinkle bits of your hair around your favorite plants, it will help to deter the deer. So the next time you get a trim, bring a bag with you. Deer are also not fans of the taste (or smell) of soap, so take a grater out to your plants and bring a couple bars of Dove out with you.


Deer love hosta, rhododendron, tulips, and roses. They’re beautiful and among the top plants for many homeowners, but unfortunately, deer will be drawn to them like flies to a bright light. Stick to plants with a fuzzy or coarse texture like Butterfly Weed, Bee Balm, or Salvia.


If you must have some of those plants that deer love, you can also try spraying them with hot pepper spray and installing motion sensor lights near where they grow. Both of these remedies are useful in deterring nuisance deer. Sparky can help, too. Allowing your dog to mark his territory (preferably around the perimeter of your property) every few days will help keep the deer away.


If you’ve tried all of these tactics, it might be time for a fence. Deer can clear a 6-foot fence and then feel trapped in your yard (likely causing even more damage). If you can, select an 8-foot fence just to be safe. Be sure to stake the fence into the ground every couple feet, as deer are able to dig if they really want what you have on the other side.


Do you have any other deer-deterring tips to share? We’d love to hear them!