Wasting Water


We use water to brush our teeth, wash our dishes, clean clothes, and so much more. Especially during warmer months when we run sprinklers and bring our muddy dogs inside for a bath, keeping water consumption under control can be a challenge. Did you know the average family member uses 100 gallons of water daily? Ouch. Try some of these tips to limit unnecessary water waste.


Watering your lawn. Probably one of the largest water waste perpetrators, watering your lawn can account for hundreds of gallons of water each hour the sprinklers are running. Try watering your lawn before the sun rises and after the sun sets. This way, you’ll saturate your lawn quicker and reduce evaporation.


Hand washing dishes. This one is simple – don’t let the water run. Filling your sink once, scrub all your dishes, then rinse everything together. If you have a dishwasher, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving water. Be sure to only run the wash when you have a full load.


Showering. Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower after a tough work week? Keep in mind, you’ll use up about 3-4 gallons of water per minute you spend in the shower. If you average a 15-minute shower, it’s possible you’ve consumed about 45 gallons of water. Cut your shower in half to reduce waste.


Brushing your teeth. Like hand-washing dishes, you’d be surprised how much water gets wasted when you leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth. One tooth washing session with constant water consumption can run upwards of 5 gallons. Think about how much water you’ll save if you use the faucet to dampen your brush once and rinse at the end.


Washing your car(s). Using a hose to wash your car, the average person uses around 100 gallons of water. Instead of tackling this task in your driveway, head to a car wash which uses half the amount of water.