Choosing the Best Carpet


Chances are, you’ll likely have to select carpet in your new home. It might seem like an easy task, but choosing carpet is very important. Carpeting provides a soft, plush spot for children to play and even a slip-free surface for animals in your home. There are different textures to take into account, varying colors, and designs – so where do you start?


With these top five tips on choosing carpet, we hope to help you select the best option for your family’s needs.


  1. Skimping on carpet padding. This may seem like a trivial tip, but you’d be surprised how another quarter-inch of padding can transform the feeling of your carpet. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, the cushion not only helps to buffer sound, but also provides increased insulation. As a general rule, select a cushion with no more than 7/16-inch thickness, and no less than ¼ inch thickness.
  2. Keep maintenance in mind. Homeowners with dogs, cats, and kids should always avoid shag carpets, as they can harbor hair, dust and dirt, and they’re also much more difficult to keep clean. If family members routinely wear shoes indoors, lighter colored carpets probably aren’t the best choice.
  3. Texture. In high-traffic areas, selecting carpet (and rugs) that are darker and have patterns will help to conceal tracks. In those high-traffic areas, it’s best to stick with level loop or high-density loop carpets, while multilevel loop carpets are best in medium-traffic and low-traffic areas.
  4. Don’t forget about the staircase. Your staircase will get a lot of wear as perhaps one of the highest-trekked places in your home. Choosing a thinner carpet may mean you’ll see the unsightly backing when the carpet finally does wear in and curl over the step. The best choice for staircase carpet is one that is a woven wool, as it is the most durable.
  5. Dust mites and allergies. If you or someone in your family is overly-prone to allergies, both indoor and outdoor, carpet may not be for you. Depending on where the allergy-affected individuals spend the most time, vinyl, tile or even laminate flooring can provide a sanctuary. Bedrooms can be a good place to replace carpeting with another option.


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