Selling Your Home


You’re ready to build a home but there’s one thing standing in your way: your current home. It’s sellable, yes, but could some upgrades help you get it on and off the market quickly? Don’t worry, there are ways to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.


Some of the best upgrades you can make to your home are undoubtedly the kitchen and bathrooms. Unfortunately, these are often the most expensive rooms to upgrade. A full-blown kitchen upgrade can cost upwards of $40,000, and a bathroom remodel can cost more than $10,000.


Replacing a sink and/or bathtub can be a very expensive endeavor. Instead, these items can be resurfaced for a fraction of the cost. In the same vein, cabinets do not have to be replaced. With a fresh coat of stain or paint, cabinets can take on a whole new personality.


Another way to save is with tile counters, walls, and backsplashes. These surfaces often just need a good deep clean, followed by a re-grout. You’d be surprised how much the appearance will change and improve—and for a much lower price tag to boot.


Don’t forget about the exterior. Curb appeal can make or break first impressions. Rent a power washer or even hire a professional cleaning service to clean the exterior of your home. If the weather permits, a fresh coat of paint can greatly reduce your investment dollars and can really improve the appearance of your home.


Some other smaller tips that help to sell your home quickly include:

  • Clear out cluttered rooms and remove as much furniture as possible. This will help the prospective homeowner visualize how their environment will look. This goes for closet space, too.
  • Steam clean carpets and furniture and wash walls. You may think your home smells fresh and clean, but you also live in the home and are used to its odors. Often times, people with pets or who smoke do not realize how their home smells.
  • Bright rooms are inviting. If you’re able to put up a fresh coat of paint in dark rooms—do it. Learn to love white walls for a little while. Also, open blinds and let the natural light in.