Cleaning Couches


Right now is a great time to get those pesky stains out of your couch, especially with the holiday season so near. Wouldn’t want your mother-in-law making snide comments, would you?


As a good first step, vacuum off cushions or use a brush to dislodge dirt.


For red wine spills, grab a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Blot up as much as you possibly can with a paper towel and then mix in a teaspoon of your favorite dish soap with another cup of hydrogen peroxide. Blot the mix, then blot again with a dry towel. This method also works wonders on carpet, clothing and other fabrics as well. Wine-o’s rejoice!


For coffee stains, mix an egg yolk with luke-warm water and rub on the spot. Pat dry and vacuum the rest away.


For other stains caused by life (i.e. children, cats, dogs, husbands, etc.), make your own whipped detergent. Create a froth using half dish detergent, half water, and then use a whisk to mix it all together. Using a rag, rub the froth into the spot and then rinse away with water.


You can also use shampoo to wash away stains and yucky scents from upholstery. Still can’t get the stain out? Try steam cleaning the spot first to help lift stains before treating with detergents.


Do you have any other stain removing tips to share?