Winter Garage Checklist


It’s so easy to let your garage get out of control. After all, you went through the whole thing during spring cleaning (right?), so why tackle it again before next spring? Here’s just a few things we recommend taking care of now.


Store summer vehicles like sports cars, ATVs, and motorcycles (even the kid’s mini RVs – don’t you wish you had one when you were little? Anyway…). Now is also a great time to have them serviced—then they’ll be ready for you to take them out on the road when the weather is nice again.


Pull out the winter equipment, as much as it may pain you. Make sure your snow blowers are serviced and working properly, and grab some tanks of gasoline so you’re ready. Rochester weather is unpredictable, so be prepared. Make sure shovels are useable, too. Loose handles might need some glue, or replaced entirely.


Have a generator? Test it out now before you need it. Did we mention buying extra gasoline?


Organize. Organize. Organize. You’ll thank yourself later. Clean off spring yard tools and box up toys before the cold comes. Storing yard tools in a big bucket of sand will help eliminate rust (and the need to replace them when spring comes).