Quick Halloween Decorations


Is your front porch lacking in the Halloween department? It’s easy to lose track of time to decorate for the holiday, but you don’t want your house looking unattractive to trick-or-treaters, right? After all, the more trick-or-treaters you have, the less candy you’ll be left with (oh, darn) when the night is over—so recruit the kids and try some of these fun Halloween decorating ideas from HGTV.


Cat Pumpkins

This one is super easy. Grab some medium sized pumpkins, black paint, a white Sharpie, craft foam and a hot glue gun. Paint the pumpkins black, cut out black ears, pink nose and white whiskers out of foam, and glue them on. Spooky.


Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Carving

It’s as easy as it sounds. Dump the tarp, various blades, and impossibly difficult stencils. After you gut the pumpkin, grab your favorite cookie cutters like ghosts, cats, stars and moons, and use a rubber mallet to make your way through the pumpkin. Done!


Pumpkin Totem

Head to the store and grab the following: 3 faux pumpkins of the same(ish) size, black craft ribbon, black and white acrylic paint, a paint brush, and a glue gun. Take your first pumpkin and set it on the ground. Take the middle pumpkin and cut a hole in the bottom and place it over the first pumpkin’s stem (we’re stacking here – following?). Do the same for the third and glue the pumpkins together. Next, grab that ribbon and paint and create fun faces.


Trash Bag Spider Webs

Chances are, no shopping is needed for this easy decoration if you have black plastic bags, scissors, and Scotch Tape on hand. Making these involves quite a bit of folding a cutting, so here is the full set of directions.


Do you have any other fun and easy ideas to share?