Media Room Must-Haves


It’s the room in your house for relaxing, dishing up some popcorn and watching movies. Some may call it a man cave, others: a family room. No matter what you call it, every home needs a comfy media room. So get ready to design… here are some tips to make your perfect media room.


For basement entertaining, consider light-colored flooring like laminate wood or vinyl. This will help brighten up the space void of natural light, and make the room look larger. For a more masculine look, paint the walls a dark blue, grey, green or even red.


A variety of seating options will allow you to move things around and constantly update your space. Couches for lounging, bean bag chairs for tossing around, and even high-top tables for cocktail parties or watching the football game.


Lighting is another important feature to consider. If you have low-hanging ceilings, consider building fluorescent lights into the paneling, or even track lighting for a more modern look. For taller ceilings, tray lighting can add a special ambiance.


If you’re going for a movie theatre-inspired room, opt for dark furniture, blackout lights, and red window treatments. While a 60-inch television is everyone’s wish, high definition projectors (onto a white wall) can be a better alternative. Toss a starry-night sky mural on the ceiling, a popcorn machine in the corner, and movie posters on the walls and you’re in business.


Don’t forget the kids. Without a designated play area in your home, toys and games tend to pile up everywhere, so square off a section for the kids and keep everything away and tidy so you can enjoy your media room space.