Not Just Walls: Superior Walls


There are many things that attract buyers to a Faber Home: our attention to detail, ease of project coordination, and even our stylish models. But even before the appliances go in, walls are painted and windows are hung, we are proud to start the whole building process on a strong, sturdy, dare we say, Superior note.

We’re talking of course, about Superior Walls.

Oftentimes, builders will opt for foundation materials based on how remote a job site is or the expense of local foundation contractors and supplies. Faber Homes is not bogged down by these factors because we install precast concrete panels made by Superior Walls.

Superior Walls are patented precast insulated panels that are delivered to each and every home site on a truck flatbed. Walls are dropped into place and are locked together and permanently sealed. Each wall is custom built to your individual floor plan and can be built to accommodate nearly any architectural style.

What makes Superior Walls, superior, are that they are dry and use a special low water/cement ratio of concrete. If or when you do decide to finish your basement, you will not need added insulation, as the walls are warm with a full-length insulation built in to increase energy efficiency. The walls are also “smart” in that they have built-in access for wiring and galvanized stud facing for drywall.

Many families are surprised with our estimated build times. From foundation to closing day, we usually estimate around three months (sometimes less, weather dependent, sometimes more, weather dependent and third party factor-dependent). This quick building process begins with Superior Walls, as it takes just five hours to install the foundation of your home. This knocks one to two weeks off our work schedule, letting us get to work fast, and finish faster.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Superior Walls FAQ page, or contact a Faber Homes representative today.