Teen Bedroom Organization


If you have a teen, or know someone who does, you’re familiar with the inevitable disaster that is a teen’s bedroom. It’s the place they sleep, work, and play, so if you’re designing a space for your teen to live in, keep in mind some of these common problem areas and solutions.

Does your teen dump dirty (and clean) clothes under the bed or in the closet? Try taking the closet door off and open up the space. It will help provide incentive to clean up as opposed to tossing items on the floor and shutting a door. Make sure there are adequate quantities of hangars and shelves for storing jeans, shoes and accessories.

Desks can become dumping grounds for just about everything. Find a desk with lots of drawer space to keep items from cluttering, and create storage around the desk with shelves and filing solutions.

Speaking of shelving, help your teen show off awards, trophies and photos of friends by installing shelving units to serve many purposes. This will help keep items off the floor, out from under the bed and anywhere else that isn’t away and organized.

Containers and memo boards can be decorative and functional. If everything has a place on its own, like photos, notes, invitations, and calendars, there will be less of a chance of collecting clutter. Be sure to label containers so items always go into the correct space.

Don’t do this all yourself! Take a day and completely clear the room out with your teen. Plot out on a piece of paper where each space will be (sleep, play, work), and organize the space together. They’ll likely enjoy the finished product, and respect the space more if they get to choose how things will be organized.

As one of our founding fathers once said: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”