Feng Shui Tips


You’ve heard about Feng Shui, but is it legitimate? We think so – and in honor of Valentine’s Day (which is today, guys) we’ve assembled this list of our favorite Feng Shui tips to attract love and money (we can all use a little more of both, right?).

To ensure supportive communication, it’s best to put at least the front legs of all furniture on a rug as opposed to around the rug. Also – try to keep some furniture away from the walls.

According to many Feng Shui consultants, your kitchen is directly tied to your ability to attract (and maintain) money, so tidy up and remove clutter. Keep your refrigerator and storage spaces full, organized, and full of fresh items. Even more specific, to attract more money, keep that oven clean. Most importantly—make sure every burner is working and is used equally.

When picking theme colors for your interior designs, keep moods in mind. Red is considered a very powerful color, purple and green a key colors for attracting prosperity. If you love a color, paint a wall in that shade or add some toss pillows, but if you don’t, the color will work against you.

Dining room tables are traditionally square or rectangular in shape, but if you want to attract love (or create more of it), it’s best to pick a round shape. Arrange the table so everyone can see each other without stretching their neck. It’s also a good idea to set out chairs for every member of the family, even if not all members are present for each meal, because it’s a reminder of the completeness of your family.

Having a lot of space in your master bedroom is often a desire, however, as the most important room in your home for attracting love, it’s best to keep things cozy. Opt for a queen over a king, and close off adjoining rooms (offices, bathrooms, patios, gyms, etc.). When spaces get larger, people tend to gravitate away from each other, which can impact partners emotionally.

If you’re single and you tend to create your bedroom space just with yourself in mind (one accent chair, one nightstand, etc.), think about creating space for a partner. Leave one dresser drawer empty, or some space in your closet free from your items. Leave room for chance, love and opportunity.

Do you have some Feng Shui tips that you live by? Share them in the comments below. Keep Feng Shui in mind when designing your new Faber Home – and work with our consultants to design the perfect space in your home.