New Tools for 2015


Cutting through the clutter at Home Depot and Lowes can be a tough task. There are so many tools and gadgets that make the job “easier” but it’s hard to know for sure what you’re getting.


2014 was a great year for product development so we’ve pulled together a list of tools and gadgets we think will help make your life easier, at a reasonable price.


Dewalt Inspection Camera. This lifesaver runs around $300 and is perfect for wiring jobs and plumbing work, as the scope gives you a visual into your wall or tubes.


PermaFlow No Mess Plunger. For about $20, put an end to squirting who-knows-what when your toilet backs up. This accordion-like sanitary bag fits around your toilet seat and creates a suction when you lift the lid, pulling whatever is stuck, out, without spraying you with… well you get it.


Lenox Hole Saw. Starting at $7, now you can efficiently cut wood and metal holes for all those projects at home. It also has a handy material release that will keep you from digging out remnants and possibly injuring yourself.


Craftsman Right-Angle Impact Driver. It’s tough getting into those tight corners. For about $80, this lightweight driver will drill holes or affix screws into tight spots, and with a mini lamp on the end, you won’t miss your mark. The battery charger is super fast, too. Within three minutes, you’ll have a 25% charge. Fully charged, you can affix 300 screws.


Grip Rite Framing Nailer. At $240, this framing nail gun is a brand new lightweight yet durable tool that will help your DIY family achieve expert precision for your next job.


Have you found any other tools you’d recommend? List them in the comments!