You Can't Kill it: Perennials


We left off last week with a list of our favorite shrubs that even if you tried very hard, you’d have a difficult time killing. To compliment your favorite shrub choice, we’ve compiled a list of some beautiful perennials that you will have a hard time destroying.

Ostrich Fern
Named after its appearance, which highly resembles the feathery tail of an ostrich, the Ostrich Fern spreads aggressively, making it perfect for spaces in need of ground cover.

Perfect in dry soil, the hosta is a classic perennial that will turn any garden from drab into fab. Every year you’ll be rewarded with a fuller, more lush plant that yields white flowers in the peak of summer. For a little dimension, we recommend selecting the “Gold Standard” Hosta variety, as it boasts light green leaves with darker green edges.

Perry’s Blue Siberian Iris
A stunning purple flower that lasts as long as four weeks is what you can expect from this perennial. Perfect in full sun or part shade, the Perry’s Blue Siberian Iris will grow and bloom in just about any soil type. Dry soil? You’ll just have a shorter stem. Often paired with the Shasta Daisy, this flower is very hard to kill.

Shasta Daisy
She’s a classic, this beauty. The Shasta Daisy lives well in nearly any condition in any garden or yard. They require minimal water and only need your attention when blooms die off. Clipping spent blooms will extend the life of the daisy for months.

Lily of the Valley
It’s true. This beautiful perennial can live a long, prosperous life in your garden. Ideal in mostly-shaded areas, Lily of the Valley perennials will bloom and make for lovely flowers in a vase.

If you’re in need of some shade for Lily of the Valley, stay tuned for next week’s blog on trees that you cannot kill.