You Can't Kill it: Flowers


We discussed perennials a couple weeks ago, but this week we’re focusing on annuals – for those of us who like to mix it up year after year.

You can find Zinnias in nearly any color (except blue), and in a variety of heights. They work well in pots, planters, or in the ground, and can be planted in direct sunlight.

They’re super tough to kill, and they’ll brighten up any garden, planter or pot all summer long – because they just keep blooming. Some varieties of marigolds will grow as tall as 5 feet, but most variations are more compact.

These tough cookies are often found in hanging baskets or in garden beds. Begonias will grow in sun or shade, and with just a little water, they will continue to grow and bloom through summer.

A childhood favorite for many, snapdragons will bring butterflies to your garden at little labor-cost to you. In healthy environments, Snapdragons will grow tall and lush, making them strong and able to stand up to harsh weather conditions in the spring and fall.

Don’t have the best soil in your garden? Never fear. Cosmos are here! Cosmos flowers grow from seeds and can tolerate drought once they are up and growing (so all you have to do is water them to that point).

So now you have a list of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees that you cannot kill. Which ones will you plant this year?