DIY: Walkways


Faber Homes recommends waiting a couple years after moving into your brand new home before building patios or walkways in order to accommodate for settling. Once that time has passed, stones and other poured materials have a better chance of staying where you put them. So you’re ready to get started? Here is an easy how-to guide on assembling your new stone path.

First, lay out your path using string and stakes, and begin by digging the soil deep enough for the base, leveling as you go. Measure the space you’ve created so you’re accurately able to order gravel, sand and other supplies. Once you’ve cleared the space, shovel gravel in and compact it using a plate tamper after raking the space smooth. If you don’t have a tamper, you can rent one for between $25 and $50 per day.

Next, take the sand you ordered and cover the gravel with a 1 to 2 inch layer. Use a rake to smooth the surface and finish this step by running a string between two stakes to show where the finished path space will be.

Now is the fun part. Grab your stones and fit them close together along the path with quarter-inch gaps between each piece. Once your stones are placed where you want them, use a rubber mallet to set each stone in the sand. Finish by using a level to ensure all stones are level with each other and the string.

Using sand or rock dust, fill the gaps between the stones and set it by spraying the whole walkway with water. If the stones are still elevated, add another layer of sand (and spray with water) until everything is level. You can opt to add a sealant to ensure sand doesn’t make its way off the path and into your yard or home. This will also help to prevent bricks, stones or pavers from spreading and moving around where you don’t want them.

Send us your final project pictures on Facebook and we’ll feature them on our page! Good luck!