Optimizing Mudroom Space


It’s the room in our home that sees the most traffic, and in many cases, the most clutter. We kick our shoes off, throw our bags down, and bring some of the outdoors, in. The mudroom gets its name for a reason! At Faber Homes, many of our floor plans allow for mudroom spaces to be enhanced, so below, we’ve provided some inspiration to get you thinking about how to maximize efficiency for your family, and avoid entry way chaos.

Keep kids in mind. We all know how good kids are with organization. Not very. Things seem to pile up everywhere in their rooms, on the stairs, in the kitchen, and it always seems that they’re losing something; “Mom! Where’s my…” When designing spaces that children (and teens) have access to, consider making them as user-friendly as possible. Doors and drawers, while very beautiful in most cases, are a second step that they don’t want to take. Kids are more likely to hang their things on hooks, as opposed to opening a closet door, finding a hangar, and then finding space amidst the rest of the closet’s inventory. 

Bench seating. Even smaller spaces can accommodate a smaller, narrow bench. Not only is it practical to have an area to sit while putting on boots, or setting bags down, benches help to open up the space. Additionally, benches then allow for floor storage that’s a bit more hidden. Slide decorative baskets underneath to hold gloves, scarves and hats, or even purses and dog leashes. 

Design. Mudrooms are often the last spaces in our homes that we walk through before leaving the house. Consider adding a mirror and overhead light or wall sconce for last minute touchups and give the illusion of more space (if your space is limited). Also, just because mudrooms aren’t focal points in our homes, doesn’t mean they don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate design elements from surrounding rooms (like bathrooms and kitchens) for a seamless flow. 

Storage and organization. As previously stated, mudrooms tend to become a room of dysfunction. Be sure to incorporate a space for each member of your family to hang coats and store personal items (bags, hats, etc.). Built-in cubbies that serve as open lockers are relatively easy to construct, will still keep your space open and completely functional.

Find some of these ideas in practice on our Pinterest page.