Rose Quartz & Serenity Kitchens


At the end of the year, Pantone releases its colors of the year for the upcoming year, which usually leads to a slew of wardrobe changes, new products, but mostly – interior design themes. In the past we’ve seen Tangerine Tango, Emerald, and even Marsala take over and dictate new trends, but in 2016, we’re pretty excited about the new Pantone picks. Yes, picks, plural! This year is the first in which Pantone has selected two colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The subtle, soft hues of light pink and baby blue are much different than the bold colors of years past, making them a bit more versatile. Versatile how, you ask? We did a bit of research to find a few kitchens that fit into the Rose Quarts/Serenity color palette and detailed our favorites below.  

From Apartment Therapy, this kitchen takes the cake for us. If you’re comfortable with pink, the kitchen is the perfect place to show off the new Pantone color. The pale pink is calm and not loud, homey and quiet. We love the quarts countertops, light maple flooring, and white island cabinets, which also help to dull the pink. Stainless steel, glass, and white accents help pull it all together, and hints of Pantone’s Serenity can be found in kitchen accessories and above the cabinets.

This kitchen from Coastal Living is predominantly Serenity, with hints of Rose Quartz. The blue cabinets and stainless steel bring the ocean, indoors, while the black countertops and dark floors give the kitchen a more industrialized look. The shimmery backsplash (like this one) complements the stainless steel, which reminds us of the inside of sea shells and a muted Rose Quartz tone.

For a more modern look, we recommend this beige Rose Quartz look from House to Home. In this case, white cabinets were spray painted in the dusty rose color with a matte lacquer like this one from Valspar. Light grey walls and floor tiles pull in white countertops and stainless steel hardware, while the beige tile backsplash provides just enough contrast, really making the Rose Quartz pop. Add in Serenity-inspired appliances like this KitchenAid mixer and your space is complete.

Find these and more Rose Quarts and Serenity-inspired designs, check out our Pinterest page.