There’s a Countertop Perfect for Your New Home, Let Us Help Find it!

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It goes without saying that granite and solid surfaces are the top trending choices for countertop selections, but there are many other options such as quartz, marble, slate, concrete, wood, and tile – just to name a few! The key is to choose a material that fits with the style and price point of your new home in Rochester. For instance, if have three children, marble countertops may not be the right choice for your home and lifestyle.  

As the center of your home, the kitchen is where you cook, entertain and gather, and your countertops must reflect this. These hardworking surfaces must suit your space, complement your style and meet your needs. Today’s countertop choices are more varied and exciting than ever. However, just because marble countertops are all the rage in Better Homes and Gardens, you shouldn’t automatically go out and invest in them! Take a look at the current countertop trends below and find an option that fits your budget, style, and neighborhood.

Move Over Granite – But Only Slightly!

Granite is still the most popular material for many Rochester homeowners. It comes in a variety of shades and no two pieces are exactly the same, making it a unique and also durable choice in material. However, we are noticing more buyers gravitating toward other stones like marble, soapstone, and limestone. Buyers like the elegant and earthy look of natural stone, but these other materials offer a wider range of colors and a more upscale look. Lower maintenance countertops that are resistant to stains and scratches are quartz, concrete and other solid surfaces.

Stop Spreading the Germs!

The norovirus, various strains of the flu, and everything else have been spreading like wildfire this year. A contaminated food prep area is a common culprit in spreading germs, and the type of countertop you have plays an enormous role in prevention. There are three popular antimicrobial countertops materials – Silestone, copper and Wilsonart HD Laminate.

The fewer seams you have in counters, the less likely water and bacteria will seep into the cracks. Likewise, the less porous the material, the more sanitary it is. Stainless steel and solid-surface counters are not porous and offer a seamless look. Since quartz is a nonporous surface, it’s more sanitary and stain resistant for everyday use. The durability of this material is strong, and the upkeep is ultra low-maintenance. While there aren’t many cons to using quartz, it should be noted that it isn’t safe from excessive heat like granite. Avoiding direct heat is recommended or using hot pads is a must. Quartz offers a beautiful look and with the low upkeep, and because it helps stop spreading germs, it makes a great option for any lifestyle. 

Expert Opinion from Faber Builders:

  • If you’re on a budget, there are many beautiful laminate options that can give you the look of luxury for less. Many styles look like natural stone and all laminate countertops provide an attractive, modern pattern. Today’s laminate options are considerably more advanced and look significantly more realistic than laminates of the past.
  • For mid-range pricing, replace laminate countertops with a modern material such as quartz, granite or solid surface. For added class, mix and match different materials. A granite countertop would look great with a butcher-block inset for chopping!
  • For a high-end look, and if you don’t already have one, consider placing a functional island with a second sink and storage space. Granite countertops, concrete or wood would all offer a unique look.

It can all get a little overwhelming, from finding a home design that’s perfect for you, to choosing room colors, flooring, hardware and so much more. While countertops may not be top priority in design, they’re very important for the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

When you build a new home in Rochester with Faber Builders, keep in mind that you can pick every odd and end in your home. We partner with Claridge Decorating Centre to help make your choices a little easier. Together, we’re determined to build and design a home that is perfect for your unique lifestyle. For more information on the home plans we offer in each Rocher community, visit