A Roadmap to Homebuilding Success


Deciding to build your next home is a big decision that may feel like a daunting task with lots unknowns to encounter along the way. Between looking for the right builders and deciding where you’d like to live, to choosing the best floorplan and features for your family, you may find yourself wishing homebuilding came with a roadmap.


Here at Faber Builders, Inc., we pride ourselves in being able to make the homebuilding process as smooth and straight-forward as possible. With knowledgeable professionals to guide you along each step of the way, building a new home with Faber feels a little bit more like having a roadmap through the homebuying process.


If you’re looking for more information detailing the whole process before you take that first step yourself, here are ten stops you can plan on taking along the way.


Roadmap to Homebuilding

Determine what you have available for a down payment and get pre-qualified for a loan. It’s best to take a good look at your finances before beginning the homebuying process. How much would you like to put down on the home? How much will the bank pre-qualify you for? Faber Builders works closely with lenders to make sure you get the best rates from reputable banks.


Decide which Faber Builders community is right for you and visit the model home in that community. With communities in Chili and Henrietta, Faber has beautiful communities in some of the best towns in the Rochester area. Faber is even able to help if you are looking to build on a separate plot of land.


Pick a floor plan and plot of land on which to build your dream home. After you’ve picked the community in which you’d like to live, our sales team will show you each lot available and help you find the perfect piece of ground for your home to be built on. They will also help you evaluate our many available floorplans so that you can find the one that will fit your family perfectly.


Sign some papers and provide a deposit to hold your lot. Signing paperwork making your decisions official might seem like a daunting step, but your salesperson is glad to help answer any questions you have during the process.


Remove contingencies on your contract to begin the building process. Now it comes down to the nitty-gritty! Once the contingencies on your contract are removed and out of the way, new homebuilding can begin!


Have your pre-construction meeting to determine all the details and any upgrades on your home. A Faber team member will contact you to set up a pre-construction meeting. You will be able to go over all the options and upgrades available for your home and make any selections you might like.


Visit the Claridge Decorating Centre to pick flooring, cabinets, etc. This meeting is all about making the interior of your home more “you.” What color flooring would you like? How do you want your countertop to compliment the kitchen walls and cabinets? All of these questions and more are open to you at the Claridge Decorating Centre.


Go on construction walk-throughs of your home. Our team members are excited to show you the progress on your home throughout the building process. They will set up meetings at your home to inspect mechanicals, drywall, and finishes.


Schedule your final walk-through just before closing. This final walk-through will usually take place a mere hours before closing, giving you the ability to see everything in your new home and make any notes or address any concerns before heading to closing.


Go to closing and get the keys to your new home. Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for will arrive – closing day. With your new home built and everything finished, all that is left to do is sign some paperwork and move into your beautiful new home!


Do you have more questions about building a new home or are unsure about one of the stops on the roadmap above? Give us a call at 585-303-3459 or stop by our model at Queens Park or Rose Hill Estates to speak to someone today!