Our Top Three Reasons We Love Chili NY

Located just southwest of the City of Rochester lies the Town of Chili – a modest community of about 28,000 residences that’s home to a wide range of people that are proud to call Chili their home. Pronounced with a long “i” sound (like wi-fi), Chili is a family-friendly town where you’ll find residents with one hand around their cup of locally-brewed coffee and the other warmly shaking your hand.

Here’s our top three reasons we think Chili, NY, is the perfect town to live in:

  1. The Food


Whether you’re a fan of fine dining, a quick bite to eat, or cooking your own meals, Chili is for you. With Rochester’s famous supermarket, Wegmans, in the center of town, any meal you are looking to prep is available within a few minutes’ drive. If you’re looking for a quick bite instead, stop in at Bill Gray’s, Ferrari’s Pizza Bar, or Knuckles Knockout Grill. The famous “Garbage Plate” of Rochester, piled high with fries, mac salad, burgers, and meat hot sauce, can be found in various forms throughout town. And don’t let us get started on our favorite coffeeshops in town…

  1. The Outdoors


Chili is a town that is as close to the country as it is the city. With the meandering Black Creek flowing through the town, there are plenty of open spaces to go canoeing or fishing. Black Creek Park is a favorite spot for cookouts, hikes through the trails, and even scenic weddings along the banks of the creek. The Chili Country Club has a lot of green space, of a different kind. It has an 18-hole golf course that is enjoyed throughout the summer months by those who live nearby.

  1. The Community


If there is one thing that is distinctive about Chili, it’s the people that make up the town. Families enjoy coming together to celebrate holidays with parades and fireworks, support local firefighter’s chicken barbeques, both youth and adult sports leagues, and local politics. In less than a month, Chili will be celebrating its Chil-E Festival over the Fourth of July. Complete with a parade, good food, and fireworks, the festival is just one example of the many community-wide events the town holds every year.

A town like Chili can be the perfect place to put down roots for your family. It is close enough to the City of Rochester to enjoy all of the vibrant arts and music venues that it has to offer, while still being near beautiful natural parks and that small-town community feel. We at Faber Builders are proud to have our main office in Chili, as well as continuing to build new homes in the community. Currently, we are building new homes in Rose Hill Estates, a community just four minutes outside of Chili Center. To us, Chili is a warm and welcoming home. It just might be for you, too.