Enlarge Your Home with Outdoor Living Spaces


With spring in the air, now is a great time to plan for livable, loveable outdoor spaces that will expand your living spaces and extend the time you can spend outside. Here are a few ideas that won’t require a great deal of time, talent or money but will make your Rochester backyard the envy of your neighbors.

Add Comfortable, Colorful Furniture

Today’s outdoor living trends look far past the wooden slat picnic tables and flimsy lawn chairs of yesteryear. Comfortable, cushy groupings resemble a living room far more than a campsite.

Popular styles of outdoor furniture are made from durable materials such as aluminum, polymer or even rope. They’re easy to maintain with regular, quick swipes of a damp sponge. If you’d rather get something more permanent, tables, bars and seating can be constructed with stones or brick. The tabletops and countertops are often made of heavy, treated wood or stone, such as granite. Kits are available for do-it-yourself versions of these hardscaped pieces if your budget doesn’t allow for a contractor.

To make your space more comfortable and colorful, accent with cushions and decorative pillows. Choose weather proof fabrics, of course, and you’ll also want to clean them regularly with the swipe of a damp sponge. Prevent mildew by leaving them in the sunshine to dry. 

Natural, earthy colors are as popular as bright reds and blues. Choose what you like best! Many designers recommend creating smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor rooms. Complementary colors and design choices will create unity between the spaces.

Create a Sense of Calm

Many Rochester homeowners value their outdoor spaces as quiet, meditative respites. Adding water and fire features can enhance the mood.

You can add the gurgling of moving water to your outside space without installing an extravagant waterfall. Small fountains are easy to set up and maintain. During the winter, they can be drained and moved into indoor storage, though the manufacturer may recommend submerging the pump in water so the seals don’t dry out.

Fire can also be added to your space without an overwhelming stone fireplace. Movable fire pits and chimneys add ambience when you’re in a reflective mood or space for a warm circle and s’mores when you’re entertaining. Some modern options use propane to create dancing flames without the smoke and ashes created by a wood burning fire.

Extend Your Outdoor Time with Light and Heat

After creating your outdoor living area, you’re likely to want to stay outside long after the sun has set and the seasons have begun to change. You’ve enlarged your space, now extend its usable time outdoors with light and heat.

Depending on the type of outdoor structures, you may want to add permanent lighting. If so, select LED fixtures that coordinate with your home style. The LED lights will conserve energy and, importantly, they will not attract bugs as halogen lights do.

If you choose to hang strands of lights temporarily, check the quality of the wires and any extension cords you use. Make sure they’re rated for outdoor use. Solar lights are another option, and there are lost of solar choices including lanterns, pathway lights, deck lights and even hanging fixtures.

To combat chilly summer nights and fall’s crisp air, try adding some portable heaters, too. Propane heaters come in many shapes and sizes, including decorative styles that add more interest to your space. Be aware of any safety issues if you’re on a wooden deck or, especially in the fall, in areas where dry leaves or limbs may have collected.

That’s it. Even if you add only a few of these items, you’ve expanded the opportunities to enjoy your Rochester area home. Of course, at Faber Builders, we believe that owning your own home and purchasing it new gives you the best opportunity to personalize indoor and outdoor spaces to suit your lifestyle. For more information on how we can help, please check out our communities at www.faberbuilders.com/our-communities.