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A Little Extra Time for the Perfect Home: Labor Shortages in Construction

Labor Shortages-01.jpg

Are you in the midst of building a new home, or researching before you build, and wondering why the process seems to take so long? It’s easy to look at the quick period of time between making an offer on an existing house and closing on that home, and wish your brand new home could be finished just as quickly. While there are many things that make a new home take time – from the process of construction, inspections, and working around the weather – it may help to know you’re not the only one waiting impatiently for your brand-new house to be finished.

In fact, Rochester First recently posted an article detailing one of the main struggles home builders are facing today – “The construction trades are having a tough time finding workers, according to a new report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” These days, finding skilled laborers is harder than ever, with over 60% of contractors struggling to hire. While many older workers are looking to retire, the next generation is taking jobs in alternate fields, leaving many professions looking for new workers and finding no one there.

This issue is not just local to Rochester, or even New York State. It is something new home builders are facing throughout the country every day. While this causes some delays in the home building process, there are plenty of reasons to continue to buy and build new homes. With interest rates staying incredibly low across the board and beautiful communities still being built out, buying new is an excellent decision!

While factoring in all that a new home build entails, however, it’s important to know that home builders, like Faber Builders, are working hard to put the best skilled laborers and subcontractors on the job. When your home is finished, it will be completed with a degree of excellence and energy efficiency that just cannot be found in most older homes. Even if it means taking a few more weeks to get the project done with the right people on the job, Faber Builders is committed to giving you the keys to a beautiful new home you can rely on.