Five Interior Design Trends of Spring 2020

Spring Trends-01.jpg

Spring is in full swing here in Rochester, with daylight getting longer each day, April rains causing the grass to sprout of new and green, and windows being thrown open to air out homes across the region. All the bright newness of spring, combined with many homeowners spending more time at home than ever these last few months, has many people itching to take up new projects in their home.

After a little spring cleaning is out of the way and your home is ready for a 2020 facelift, here is five new trends in interior decorating, according to some of the industry experts:

  • Vintage Details – Mixing new with old is a great way to change up your living space. Adding just a piece or two of vintage accent furniture or art is a simple solution to create visual interest to a room. Even new items with patina accents can add a bit of old-world flair to a piece.

  • Soft Textures – While soft, big textures have always been in when it comes to throws and accent pillows, these textures have emerged in unexpected places this year, as well. For instance, soft and plush furniture upholstery and tapestry wall hangings have come on the scene with large success.

  • Pantone Classic Blue – It often takes everyday homes a year or two to catch up with each new design color that Pantone announces, but if you’d like to be ahead of the curve, Classic Blue is the color to use. Its strong, navy hue is an excellent color that can be used sparingly or as a bold statement in your home.

  • Green spaces – Nothing makes a home more refreshing, especially in spring, than bringing living plants into the home. Not only can plants help purify the air you breathe, but they can help lift your mood and provide fresh, organic shapes to any room.

  • High Contrast Statements – Minimalistic white has been in for quite some time now, but it has started to give way to more contrasting colors and patterns. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different with your furniture, kitchen cabinets, or anything else you’d like to update.