Home Building in a Time of Uncertainty


During these unprecedented times it is uncommon to speak to a single person who isn’t unsettled or uncertain about what the future holds. Especially for those who were planning on buying or selling their home this year, many homebuyers are currently finding themselves with more questions than answers on what to do next.

Here at Faber Builders, we look to provide as much stability as we can during the homebuilding process. We know how difficult these decisions are under usual circumstances, so we are here to make these most unusual of circumstances are as simple and straightforward as possible.

One excellent resource we can provide to help homebuyers is our 3D Floorplans on our website. We like to think of it as our virtual sales office, where homebuyers can view their options in an engaging, three dimensional way, from the safety and comfort of their living rooms.

When questions arise, we are one click away, ready to answer any questions that may come up.

According to this survey, homebuyers are still looking forward to buying or building a new home within the next six months. In fact, the survey found that “Despite the present situations, American homebuyers are mostly still keeping an eye on the market, with those who are actively searching stating that they will focus more on online pictures and virtual tours as a safety precaution.”

So, if you are home right now looking at home building options and wondering what other homebuyers around the country are thinking during all of this – and if home builders are still able to help make your dream home a reality – check out this survey and our website for a bit of peace of mind.