Want More Space to Grow?

Looking to buy a new house that gives your family the most space to grow? Why not enjoy 600 square feet of finished basement space in your new home! When you buy a new home in Queens Park or Rose Hill Estates by June 28th, 2019, you’ll receive just that.* We know that our buyers value space where they can spend time with their families in their new homes, and this extra finished space is the perfect place to make more memories with those you love, right here in a community in Rochester.

Why Buy New with Faber Builders?

Buying a home is an exciting process with lots of choices to make along the way. Not only do you have to determine the location of your home, but also the type of product and the price point. Once you have nailed those answers, the next question is new versus resale. What can a new home by Faber Builders offer buyers that a resale home cannot? Below are the answers!

Crowded? Out of Space? It’s Your Final Opportunity to Own in Greece!

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Time is running out to own a new home in our Greece communities! With only four sites remaining at Creek House Village and nine at Regency Park, buyers must act now to secure a brand-new home in Greece, NY. Popular home plans such as the Macon, Marcell, Medway 3 and Westcott can be built in the Creek House Village community, but the favored floor plan among buyers is the Macon. A 1,662-square-foot home with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths and a two-car garage, the Macon is priced from $179,900. This plan offers a large family room, dining space and kitchen on the main level, as well as three bedrooms on the second floor.

Buying New with Faber is Affordable and Attainable

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In today’s rebounding market, when resale properties are being claimed as soon as they are listed and new home construction is popping up on every other corner, deciding which is best for you can be a challenge. People considering previously owned homes often pursue resale because they think it is cheaper and easier. But with building practices having become more streamlined, building a new home can cost the same or even less than buying an existing home. Cost isn’t the only reason to build, though. There are other benefits of working with a builder on a brand-new home.

Extended Savings for New Homes in Greece

The New Year is off to an exciting start in our Creek House Village and Regency Park communities. With only four home sites remaining at Creek House Village and 10 at Regency Park, our Faber Homes team has decided to extend the Winter Incentive through February! This extended winter incentive will give buyers purchasing an available home site at one of our Greece communities $2,500 to use toward design upgrades at the Claridge Decorating Centre or on closing costs.* Our new homes at Creek House Village begin at $179,900. The home plans offered in this community feature sought-after layouts that include open kitchen and living spaces, optional morning rooms, two-car garages, master suites with walk-in closets, spacious secondary bedrooms, home office space and more.

Final Six Homes Remain at Creek House Village

Buyers ready to take the first step toward homeownership in Greece, New York should act now before it’s too late! The final six opportunities at Creek House Village are now selling, offering buyers the opportunity to own their own home at an exceptional price in a charming town. Priced from $174,900, these homes won’t be available long. Offering quality-built homes with innovative design and high-performance features, our single-family homes at Creek House Village feature colonial-style exteriors. With four plans to choose from, buyers can select from three- or four-bedroom homes with up to 1,900 square feet of living space.

1% Can Cost You $52,000

Increasing Rates Interest rates are on the rise in 2017. Since the Federal Reserve voted to raise a key interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point in December mortgage rates are on the rise. The move comes with the intent to raise rates several times throughout 2017. If you were shopping for a home in 2016 then you know that real estate experts were predicting that interest rates would soon be on the rise. As 2017 rolls in their predictions are coming true, and the year has begun with a higher rate than any point in the previous year. Now experts are saying that the days of 3.5% rates are in the rearview mirror.

Mortgage Tips & FAQs

Ready to apply for a mortgage but you don’t know where to start? We can help! At Faber Homes, we have been working with Rochester-area lenders for decades so we know the process, and people, extremely well. If you’re ready to build with us and need a mortgage commitment, we are happy to help find you a lender that fits your needs. Otherwise, this blog will outline a few tips and tricks, as well as FAQs on the mortgage application process.

Gen-Y: Now is the Time to Buy

To buy, or not to buy. That is the question for many Generation Y'ers. No doubt, the economic waves in recent history (and present times) have made it difficult, or presumably difficult to live the coveted American Dream. Limited job prospects and student debts have made it challenging to save for a down payment, and many are weary of the all-time-low interest rates. But the truth is, now is arguably the best time to buy a home.

Renting Versus Buying or Building New

Rent or buy. It’s a question many face, especially those millennials who are a few years out of college, perhaps even married with a child, yet still paying rent. Many wonder if the investment of a home is worth it. If the costs will justify themselves. We came across this great tool from Trulia that helps potential buyers see how much of a savings owning a home can provide, compared to renting an apartment or home. For example, for someone spending $1,000 per month renting an apartment who is looking for a home that costs $140,000, the costs result in a 27% savings of owning versus renting with a 30 year mortgage. The fact remains: you can save money while simultaneously building equity.

First Time Homebuyer Seminar - January 2016

If you've been searching for a home in Rochester but nothing you've seen suits your needs, we invite you to attend our first, First Time Homebuyer Seminar of 2016. Learn about the home building process, meet the Faber Homes sales team, explore flooring, cabinets and more at the Claridge Decorating Centre, and get pre-qualified for a mortgage with First Niagara Bank.

Interest Rates Expected to Rise in 2016

The federal funds rate, which has hovered near zero for the past many years, has just seen a slight bump this month. This signifies a step in the Federal Reserve’s long term plan of increasing interest rates on loans. While the increase is only one quarter of a percentage point, analysts are projecting 2016 to be a big year for rate increases, which will greatly impact the housing market. If you’ve just started to save money, or are entertaining the idea of purchasing a home in the next couple years, here are some facts regarding your current debts effective with these new changes:

The Time to Buy is Now

It’s been a buyers market for the last several years, with interest rates at all-time lows, but all of that is about to change, according to many recent reports, including this one from Reuters. In the article, Atlanta Federal Reserve President Dennis Lockhart states that the U.S. central bank intends to raise interest rates as early as June, barring a significant downturn in the U.S. economy.

Cold Weather Maintenance

If you’re a first time homeowner, you’re probably not aware of all the little responsibilities that go along with winter maintenance of your home. Even for a long-time homeowner, the list always seems to grow. Here’s a quick snapshot of the top 10 things we recommend you do this winter. Test smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors. You never know when a big storm is going to hit, and the last thing you need is to run out of batteries for these necessities. Check your driveway. Small cracks can turn into big ones with snow, ice and changes in temperature. Fill cracks before the next big storm if you can.

New Tools for 2015

Cutting through the clutter at Home Depot and Lowes can be a tough task. There are so many tools and gadgets that make the job “easier” but it’s hard to know for sure what you’re getting. 2014 was a great year for product development so we’ve pulled together a list of tools and gadgets we think will help make your life easier, at a reasonable price. Dewalt Inspection Camera. This lifesaver runs around $300 and is perfect for wiring jobs and plumbing work, as the scope gives you a visual into your wall or tubes.

Hosting the Holidays

The holidays are crazy, there's no doubt. Especially if your house hosts the family for a big meal. There's so much to prepare, from decorations to place settings to the meal itself, if we don't lose our marbles at least once it's not been a success. To cut through the clutter this season, we’ve assembled our favorite list of ideas and festive recipes that will be sure to get your mind buzzing before the big day.

Fall Home Checklist

As much as we hate to admit it, the warm days have gone and fall is upon us. While the temperatures are still tolerable, now is the best time to prep your house for cooler days (rain, sleet, and – yes – snow). We know how quickly the weather can change, so get out there and use this maintenance checklist: Exterior List Number one on the list should be a roof check. Grab some binoculars if you can’t see well enough from the ground and a trip up is out of the question. While you’re out there, do a perimeter check of all siding. Look for cracks and holes and repair the damages you see (or hire a contractor to help you out).

Saving for a Downpayment

Saving for a down payment takes major commitment. It can be difficult to find ways in your current budget to make cuts, but with a little bit of discipline and the support of your spouse and family, you can get it done. Here are ten tips we collected from our experts here at Faber Homes: If it’s just you, or you and your spouse, consider moving in with family for a couple years. Not a fan of living with your in-laws? Find a less expensive, one bedroom apartment. You’ll give up a bit of space, but smaller apartments are generally less expensive.

Crowdfunded Down Payments?

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to quickly raise funds for…anything. Some people have set up accounts to raise funds for weddings, vacations, new business ventures and even schooling. Would you entertain the idea of setting up a crowdfunding account to raise money for a down payment on your home? If so, here are some of the top crowdfunding websites you might consider: Indiegogo. As one of the first crowdfunding websites in the industry, Indiegogo approves donation-based fundraising for pretty much any task, project or idea. Friends and family (or strangers) can donate using PayPal or credit cards either online or via the Indiegogo mobile application.